Welcome to nicedriving

Thank you for choosing nicedriving as your training provider.

Please read the following carefully to get the most from your course:

1)   When prompted please download the TotalDrive App to receive lesson booking confirmation, progress updates, and to keep track of your payments.

2)    Visit the website www.nicedriving.co.uk especially the Student Resources Page to recap your learning.

3)    ‘Like’  www.facebook.com/Nicedriving to keep up to date with last minute news, and short notice extra lesson availability.

4)    Follow the link www.nicedriving.theorytestpro.co.uk to study for your theory test. It’s FREE for you to use as a nicedriving pupil. After following the link and registering I can grant you full access.

5)    Download the Highway Code for FREE

6)    Download Know Your Traffic Signs for FREE

7)    If you will be taking private practice in another car there is an alternative to being named on the owners insurance. Comprehensive cover in your own name on that vehicle can be taken at www.collingwoodlearners.co.uk  using the reference 235210.

8)    Theory tests and practical tests are booked via www.gov.uk/book-theory-test and www.gov.uk/book-driving-test . Using any other platform on the internet is likely to send you through a third party who will charge you a booking fee which is totally unnecessary.

9)    Some insurance discounts can be obtained when you pass by completing a Pass Plus course. Please see www.gov.uk/pass-plus


It is recommended that you start to study for your theory test at the beginning of your course, using the resources above.


To see the COVID19 Risk Assessment please click HERE


Terms and conditions


You must read through the procedures set out in relation to the risk assessment relating to controlling the spread of COVID19. Click HERE.

You must ensure that you follow the guidance set out in your pupil risk assessment before engaging in your driving lesson. Click HERE.

You must promptly make clearly known to your instructor any medical condition or other effect that may impair your ability to drive, whereupon your instructor will take the appropriate action to conform to his legal or moral obligations.


Your instructor will at all times endeavour to comply with appointment arrangements, but cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience due to unforeseen events.

For GDPR compliance no personal data will be recorded or stored other than your name and telephone number for contact purposes. This information will be deleted within 30 days of your course completion. No data will be shared with any other individual or organisation. You may request to see what information is being held about you at any time.


Once you have booked a lesson, you have an obligation to keep your appointment. You, the pupil must give at least 36 HOURS NOTICE to change or cancel a lesson appointment for ANY reason (other than Corvid19 related), or a short notice cancellation charge of £15 (for each 60 minutes or part thereof booked) will be payable. 72 hours notice are required for courses of 3 hours or more. If you are unsure as to whether you will be available for a lesson, don’t book it until you are sure you can keep to it.

The FULL lesson price will be charged if you fail to show without any notice.

If a lesson is cancelled in relation to COVID19, there will be no charge.


Your driving test is a contract between yourself and the DVSA. If your test is cancelled at short notice by the DVSA, your lesson fee is still payable. Your lesson fee is then to be claimed by yourself from the DVSA who will reimburse such expenses. A receipt will be provided for you to do this.

Once a test is booked you are advised to regularly check your emails for test appointment adjustments made by the DVSA.

It is your responsibility to ensure your licence remains valid throughout your course, and any adjustments to your licence are brought to your instructors attention at the earliest opportunity.


Your instructor reserves the absolute right to refuse the loan of the vehicle for the purpose of taking your driving test, if doing so would be putting anyone, or the vehicle at an unacceptable risk.